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Leif Baradoy
@leif · CEO @lightrailhq. Cofounder @giftbit.
Hey everyone, I'm one of the founders of Lightrail. Here's a bit of background: - Businesses use account credits and gift cards with promotional value (points, promos, offers, referral) as a tool for growth (customer acquisition and retention) - Problem is that this is hard and expensive to built well. It isn't something you can cut corners on. That becaus… See more
Justin Winter
@jcwinter · Co-founder & CEO, Boostopia
Yes! This is a major problem for ecom retailers. My prior startup was on both Shopify and Symphony Commerce. Always was difficult to try and do store credit type stuff, higher perceived value then a code, the accounting was always a pain because it is, depending on where you are/how you run your books, not revenue you can book, but an outstanding liability. … See more