Simple, beautiful yet powerful text/md editor for your Mac

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Hello Product Hunters, First of all, thanks to @anandrajaram for hunting it down. It's a cliché to say it but LightPaper is not just "yet another text+MD editor". It is fast and light and looks gorgeous! We made it with a purpose: to make it easier for you to write your documents and take notes whether you are a developer, a blogger or a student. It comes with great features such as Shadow Notes (take notes for any app/documents/links), Scratch Notes (quickly take notes from your menu bar), Real Preview (see how your post would look like even before publishing), Folder Navigator + Multi-Tabs (why fire a window for each document?), external JavaScript+CSS integration (makes it easy to extend LightPaper such as adding Mermaid JS library), Full GFM support and plenty more. And top of that you get a customer service that actually listens to you and solve any issues. I made it 3 years ago for myself, made it available for free and lots of users asked me to continue developing it and they'd pay for it. So we fixed bugs, add some great features, and completely rebranded it recently. Please enjoy the discount and feel free to ask any questions.
@ashokgelal sounds good, but please sell it to me with some top benefits before I DL :)
@tribaling Ha! Fair enough. I was caught by surprise and in an awe of getting to the front page of PH, I forgot everything. I'll update the comment. I had a full text prepared for launching it tomorrow but @anandrajaram already discovered it. It's hard to hide great things, isn't it? 🙂
@ashokgelal hah. I found this via your reply to @jury (on twitter) at
Trying this now! How would you say this is different than Atoms built in preview for Github Markdown?
@dantolb Thanks Daniel. First of all, LightPaper is made for specifically 1 purpose - taking notes and writing documents. This makes it easy for non-coders to download and use it right away instead of spending hours to get right plugins installed and getting overwhelmed by options that have nothing to do with writing documents. We also have some great features that come out of the box such as taking Shadow Notes, Real Preview, Smart Drag-and-Drop etc that none of the other editors do. Someone recently did a great review of LightPaper in details if you are interested:
Really digging this so far. It'd be great if "Open Quickly" can be extended to be nvAlt style "Create or Open" and create the file when one with a specified name doesn't exist.
@anandrajaram Glad to hear that you are digging it. "Create or Open" is a good idea. Adding it to our backlog and will discuss about it. Thanks.
Trying it now. I don't need a new Markdown Editor, but I've been looking for a scratchpad Markdown editor that sits on the menu bar for ages...
@psturrock Shadow and Scratch Notes are definitely two of the cool features of LightPaper and something that our users already appreciate a lot. We've been working on improving it in the next iteration: Please feel free to send us an email if you have any questions, comments or feedback.
Exactly what I was looking for! Purchased! :D Thanks!
@vallieres Great! And thanks. Feel free to shoot us an email if you have any questions, comments or feedback.