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Hi PH! This is the second major overhaul of the app. We've used coding elements of many different apps like Uber and Shyp. Now it's become it's own beast with thousands of vetted skilled service providers in 20 of the major metro areas throughout the world! Whether you need a handyman or a housecleaner, an electrician or a plumber, Lightning shows you live local providers near you that you can request with a tap. It's fast and easy to use. If you haven't downloaded it yet please do, and use promo code 'PH' to get $15 off your first service. Also feel free to ask me any questions and provide any valuable feedback. Thank you!
@sean_murphy what was your thinking behind such a information light website? feels like a missed oppurtunity to explain what you do.
@jasonhitchcock thank you for your feedback Jason. I hear ya. I guess the goal right now is solely to get people to download. However I know people like info upfront especially when it comes to complexity of services. We are working on the website, and want to even include the in app booking features as well. I encourage people to download the app because it's a better overall complete experience, as you get real time tracking and eta of your provider as well is in app messaging etc.
@sean_murphy Hi Sean, how is you app doing? Could you share updated link?
What type of services do you get? Is this carpentry, electrical, and automotive? or... (at risk to getting my comment banned) Is this sexual services(not that it's anything wrong with that😉)? Having the word services is way to broad Dope🚬🚬
@dredurr well, we are focused mostly on skilled home services, like trades, and we are also opening up to housecleaners and babysitters. Though the goal is to the umbrella for every legal service, and even transportation and delivery in the future!
@sean_murphy Thats awesome I look forward to your growth
Lightning is a very Uber-like home services app. It shows real-time locations of service providers and has a quick UI for booking!
@leahculver thank you for hunting us Leah!
Where do you see this in a year? Do you plan to get investors? I ask this since I know how hard is to acquire genuine users without a huge marketing campaign. App looks neat and intuitive, no doubt about that.
@bojansavikj We want the app to be the go to app for all services, including, deliveries and rides in the future. Part of marketing is being tactical not just spending a lot, as I'm sure you know Bojan. However, we are open to investors.