Home security camera that uses AI to ID people and pets

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This seems pretty great, but the cost to subscribe is too much for me.
@zduboss yes the subscripton is too much
@o1xhack @zduboss I totally get that the subscription cost can be a bit intimidating, however if you look at other products like Canary and Dropcam, they go as high as 30 per month (nest aware). A subscription cost is a necessary evil to power the processing that's run on the video data to be able to identify what's going on in your home.
Love the design. However i'm not bullish AI being a thing for surveillance cameras. The need to differentiate from pets, family and strangers stems from these connected cameras forcing people to use cloud accounts. I'm seeing hybrid system that are leveraging cheap NAND storage locally for fast recording low latency with cloud options for easy access. Many people actually "want" to see what their pets are doing while their gone. With storage pricing per GB decreasing I see systems evolving to continuous recording with daily mix down of activity. AI can then be applied but I don't really want AI making the decision on what to record and what not to record. Storage is inexpensive.
@hmurchison Hey, I'm the designer of the mobile applications at Lighthouse. I just wanted to clarify that we're not using AI to determine what to record or not. We're adding a layer of AI to determine what's happening over the course of the day, so we can easily surface you the exact moments when your pet or loved ones are doing something of interest, instead of you having to react to generic notifications that 'something' happened, or look through hours of video feed to find the relevant parts :)
I've installed a Netatmo Presence at the front door a few months ago, which I think uses a similar technology to differentiate between humans, pets and cars. Without having read about the Lighthous, is it able to know a person? Can it tell me, that my girlfriend is at the front door right now? That's a thing I really miss with the Netatmo Presence.
@manuelauer we do in fact have facial recognition, also if your girlfriend downloads the mobile application the system can be set up to automatically disarm when she arrives.
Hmmm the idea is nice, need to think about pre-order)