Real-time monitoring and alerts for Slack administrators

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The innovation experience in Prague was fantastic, I hope you all like the result!
tell us the story here :)
Hi everyone! The story is pretty cool actually. At GSOFT, we love Slack. But with 200 employees, our Slack team was getting out of hand; multiple inactive channels, confidential files shared outside the company, too many integration installed… It was basically a free for all! That’s where we got the idea for Lighthouse. So six of us decided to travel almost 4,000 miles, from Montreal to Prague, in order to build this project that began as only an idea. After two weeks, we had a finished product and a marketing strategy. Today, we’re finally ready to make it available to everyone! And for now, it’s free. :-) Let me know what you think! Cheers!
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@jbrisebois Had so much fun designing this product! Oh and fun fact for ProductHunters: we had a professional videographer with us during our stay in Prague. She built a 5-part video series that documented every step of the product creation. From vision, goal, name & logo, all the way to the technology we used and the final touches to the product. Could be something interesting to share eventually if the PH community is interested?
Lovely design, very fitting and inviting. 👍🏻
looks very useful for slack admins