Your Google Drive photos made into a beautiful album

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Lightbox creator here. It's exciting to see people signing up -- I wasn't sure how many people like me there were out there, who would appreciate this sort of product. :) Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions!
It's pretty simple, but it beats staring at folders. Also, you can make multiple albums, not just one. I'd like to see some choice of background colors and templates, but there's no word of pricing or upgrades.
@v4violetta awesome, my mom would dig this
@v4violetta Thanks, Violeta!
Pretty cool. It'd be great to: 1) be able to use the albums already created via Google+ 2) be able to create stories for those albums (a bit like Exposure). As it is, you're still asking me to add all the pictures into a different folder which is effort…
@emmanuelnataf Thanks for the suggestions, Emmanuel! Regarding (1): It looks like recently it's become possible to access Google+ photos from Google Drive, so perhaps it's actually easy to then copy them into the "Lightbox" folder: Maybe I'll add an entry about this to the FAQ. Regarding (2): Lightbox does support per-photo captions, and I plan to add support for album-level captions as well. However, I don't envision building a special UI for "stories" as in Google+... I want to keep things relatively simple and focused. For certain use cases, other products may be a better fit, and I'm totally fine with that. :)
Always great, to have services work for you without doing yourself anything.
@buxx Thanks Patrick! That's one of the main goals. :) Originally I wanted to use Google Drive for photo hosting so that I wouldn't have to build a whole photo upload and storage flow, but later I realized how convenient it is as a user to be able to create albums by just dragging and dropping files locally!