The Light Phone is your second phone. A casual phone for going light, enjoying quality time doing what you love to do the most free of distractions. It uses your same phone number so you can leave your smartphone behind while maintaining the peace of mind that you are still reachable.

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We spend too much time looking at our phones... and Do Not Disturb is clearly not effective, especially when you're out in social situations and end up looking at your phones instead of interacting. The Light Phone is a phone that's designed to be used as little as possible. It caught my attention because of it's unique design... as I learned more about it the concept made more and more sense. Features: It makes and receives calls using your existing phone number, and nothing else. Use Case: At times when you want to be fully present (family events, dinner with friends, going to a bar...) you leave your smartphone behind. This would usually be unthinkable... but the Light Phone can get you to go through with that, and make the most of your surroundings. Interesting Opportunity: The company is raising equity crowdfunding on Republic* (the AngelList subsidiary and (now) PH sister company) and the campaign is already over 200% funded: *Note that anyone can participate in this kind of crowdfunding campaign (not just accredited investors). Looks like minimum investment is $100, and for $500 you get a complimentary phone. The phone itself is $150 per the company website: --- Update: I really want to try out the phone (and try out Republic for the first time) so I just invested $500, which is the tier that gets you the complimentary phone as part of it. Excited to try it 🙇
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@nivo0o0 Cool concept for restoring some balance in one's life.
@nivo0o0 I've wanted something like this but what if you need uber or Google maps?!?
@nivo0o0 @allnick It's true and a valid point. There is actually a choice moment that a lot of users describe which is when you are deciding to take the Light Phone and have the two phones next to each other. There are seemingly infinite excuses for why you might think you may need the smartphone—maps, uber, music, notes, camera. When you are able to say screw it and really let yourself go light, it becomes self-empowering. That being said, and not to say we are planning to do these things, but it is fun to imagine what a simple one option (Uber/Lyft home) might be, maybe one of the speed dials automatically calls a car service to your location. Could directions be given effectively via just using audio/voice? Not sure, but we do appreciate the feedback a lot. Thanks for checking out our project, Nick. Cheers.
Hey PH, I’m Joe! We’re pretty excited to hear from everyone here, stoked to be on the platform. The Light Phone helps us find a balance. Just like how we have different shoes, tools, or in my case cameras for different situations, this is a casual phone for ‘going light’ and enjoying the present by leaving your smartphone behind from time to time. We intentionally designed it to be used as little as possible. You can make and receive phone calls (keeps your same number!) while maintaining the peace of mind that you are reachable and still able to called your loved ones. Kai & I started this project almost three years ago while we were inside a Google experimental incubator for designers in NYC. I come from an art, design, film, skateboarding mix and it was definitely my first time diving so deep into the tech world. Kai & I couldn’t help but feel there was a lack of balance and human consideration in the hyper accelerated growth models. Retention, how much time a user spends with a product, was a driving factor in a lot of the business models and it seemed as if many of these products were built/funded because we could become addicted to them, but not necessarily because we ever needed them in the first place. It felt like the apps were being engineered to use our vulnerabilities against us. We found ourselves falling victim to our nervous habits constantly and would ask, why did I bring my “mini-computer” to dinner in the first place, oh yeah because it’s my phone and “what if?” We’re humbled to share the opportunity to invest in Light and come on this journey with us through our Republic campaign. We have a Light Phone as a perk ;) It's been wonderful to get feedback from our 9,000+ existing users, and as we move into the next phase we’d love to hear your thoughts and are looking forward to our conversations below. Thanks for spending some time with our project, seriously. Much love, Joe
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@joehollier What happens if one texts you while sim card is out of the iPhone and using the LightPhone. Will the text show when its back in the iPhone?
@raritan Hi Chuck, So you actually don't need to take the SIM in or out of your iPhone. The Light Phone comes with its own SIM and we built the platform so it keeps your smartphone number still (although not tethered like bluetooth). You bring up a great point though about what happens your text messages! So currently the texts would stay on your smartphone, as if it were an answering machine, and they would be there waiting for your return. Initially we were really inspired by AIM and specifically 'away messages' and really wanted to incorporate an auto-reply text feature as we called it. So that if someone texted you, you could have an automated reply that explains "I'm currently on my Light Phone, give me a ring if you need me" or whatever you wanted to say. However, we have not been able to do that (either as our own app or more frustratingly as an iPhone user) because iOS does not let one auto-reply text. It's something we're pushing really hard to get some permission around because we think it will really help the experience. That being said, our users and us have not found it to be as much of a hurdle as expected, I typically message the very few people that might text me that I'm going light preemptively and it has not yet been an issue for me, but that would be a great feature! Thanks for the question, Chuck. Please let us know if you'd like something else clarified!
@joehollier I've only used my Light Phone a few times, and it's perfect for moments of peace (plus peace of mind). Thanks for making it happen, SO excited to see the next phase! An "away message" would be amazing, upvoting this for the next iteration :) Are any of these ideas a work-around??
@lindsay_windham oh wow! Thanks, Lindsay, so cool to have an actual user in the conversation as well. For Android there is a variety of apps that will do auto-reply text, and some phone makers even include it in the system preferences. Actually Apple had once had it in I believe iOS 4 or 5? but it has since been removed. The only iOS workaround we found was carrier specific. In the US I believe Verizon had an app you could download on the smartphone that enabled you to do so on a carrier level, so before the text even got to the iPhone they could auto reply on your behalf, however we would LOVE a universal solution for all of our users. I'm glad to hear that is also something you would like to see, we will continue to try our best!
Leaving your phone at home is free.
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@seth_lehman Indeed! We really just wanted to start a conversation around why we don't do so more often and to make an object that made leaving the phone behind feel special. There is some psychology around having a new object that makes it easier for some people to cope with the initial anxiety that comes from leaving the smartphone. Even in say cigarette addiction, a common practice is to get a "pet rock" to touch every time you feel the urge to smoke, and the Light Phone works similarly in that way I suppose. If as a user you are able to find balance without the Light Phone, that's awesome too! Before starting the Light Phone, I used to leave my phone at home to go skateboarding but my girlfriend at the time always brought up the point that I didn't know her number and would have no way to call for help, fortunately that did not happen, but the Light Phone gives me that peace of mind that god forbid something happens I can call for help. And when nothing bad happens, I can at least call my girlfriend to see if she wants to grab dinner after my day of being light. Thanks for checking it out though, appreciate it!
@seth_lehman I wish I could upvote this twice.
@seth_lehman "the Phone with no apps" . *insert windows phone joke here*
This is the ultimate "zen" phone. Be present. Be more aware of your surrounding. Showing up by slowing down. Love!
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Phone calls are bad taste and impolite in many cases. Every phone should support texting, period.
@nikolay_pokrovsky Appreciate the feedback. I agree there is definitely instances where texting is most suitable. The Light Phone does not encourage lots of phone calls but rather disconnection with the peace of mind that you have a phone incase of something urgent. I've set expectations with my closest friends and family over the years that if it is urgent to please call, which is realistically what they would do anyway, and that they should not expect immediate text responses. Appreciate you spending some time with the Light Phone.