Light L16 Camera

16 cameras in one, 52-megapixel photos, 4K video 😳

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Hey everyone, I’m Rajiv Laroia, co-founder and CTO of Light. We’re excited to be on Product Hunt today - thank you Ben and thanks Eric for hunting us! I developed the underlying technology for the Light L16 Camera because I was tired of lugging a bag full of camera gear around every time I wanted to take great pictures. And I’m still not satisfied with the “good enough” pictures I get from my mobile phone. Our camera is the first multi-aperture computational camera. With 16 individual camera modules, Light’s technology fuses 10 images into one super high-quality, 52-megapixel image. These images have fantastic depth of field control and incredibly low noise. And the camera offers true optical zoom from 35-150mm while being slim enough to fit in a pocket. I’m excited to offer a $300 savings to the Product Hunt community… use code PRODUCTHUNTER. I’ll be monitoring Product Hunt throughout the day and am looking forward to answering some questions! Rajiv
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@drrajivlaroia Did I spot you using my golden gate bridge photo in one of your videos? If so, love it! Do get in touch with me if there is ever an opportunity for testing the product or trying out Beta version. I run a product design studio and enjoy taking photos, so I will be able to provide some advice.
@drrajivlaroia Rajiv, this feels like a revolutionary step in a space where that is difficult to do. very excited for you and the Light team. multiple lenses stitching back together, changing depth of field after the fact… Loved the technical video too. 😍😍😍
@drrajivlaroia can you say more about the OS, file formats, and the user-facing software components?
@drrajivlaroia quick question. Could this also solve the problem of needing a separate lens for wide angle shots? Or does it only solve the multi aperture problem at this stage?
@khurammalik @drrajivlaroia Hi Khuram! With wider fixed focal length camera modules, we could build cameras that zoom out even wider. We chose the 35-150mm range because it represented a broad range of use cases. We know there will be demand for a system that goes wider (say 24-105) and a system that goes farther. We hope to one day put a 600mm zoom in a device roughly the size of a tablet.
I've been working with the guys at Light on this awesome launch! They are offering an ADDITIONAL $300 off the price on top of the already $400 launch discount. What a phenomenal offer for PHers :)
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This is completely insane and I literally cannot wait to get my hands on one! I was not expecting to see crazy innovation like this for quite some time.
These guys have raised $35M to build this product. Impressive.
This looks amazing. Any chance of side by sides with an iPhone so that we can see the benefit?
@alexsloansa I came in to say this. It would help to have those pictures side-by-side with some more well-known cameras, a DSLR, an iPhone, a average to top of the line compact camera. I'm pretty sure these will follow shortly at least in reviews, right after the camera will be released.