LIFX 2.0

Cloud-configured LED lighting

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LIFX has moved away from mesh-networking and now allows for cloud-configuring your lights. 2.0 also brings improved Nest integration and IFTTT support. Upgrade your bulb firmware with the new LIFX Updater for iOS too:
It looks like the main benefit of these bulbs over Philips hue is that they don't require a hub. Is there anything else? The hue is much cheaper, and you can control them when you're not home. Are there other things that make the LIFX worth the higher price?
@radiofreejohn Better HW, brighter, quicker to respond, can setup as many on a given network as the network can support (Hue limited to 50 per master). (used to work there)
I got one of these for my birthday, it's freaking awesome. The new beta has android wear support and now I can turn on my lightbulb from my wrist.
I backed the Kickstarter for LIFX and it has been exciting to see the bulbs improve with each update. This 2.0 update finally brings the promise of the original campaign and then some. The most exciting thing is how ridiculously fast the bulbs are now.. I'd say latency between pressing the on-screen button and the lights reacting is easily <100ms. The new IFTTT integration is pretty great as well, though I haven't sufficiently played around with that part yet.
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