Liftware Spoon

A smart stabalizing utensil for those w/ motion disorders

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This would be a nice addition to @marwannas's Helping Hands collection, a list of products to help those with disabilities.
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan ! Liftware is great. I've also submitted a few new products that could be added to the collection ;-)
I first found out about Liftware from the newsletter Cassandra Daily and that sparked an interest to look around for other tech innovations that can help the elderly. Here is what they had to say: Liftware Spoon: For the many people living with tremors or Parkinson’s disease, just feeding themselves is a challenge. Tech company Lift Labs, which was recently acquired by Google, aims to make their lives easier with its Liftware Spoon. The smart utensil contains a microchip and sensors that reduce shaking by an average of 76%. The technology assesses how a hand is moving and makes adjustments to help the user stay balanced. Indeed, the spoon turns on when it’s lifted from the table and moves in the opposite direction of the user’s shaking. A fork attachment can be purchased separately.
Love this and it seems to be well executed too.
This is great - my grandma's been in hospital a bit the last few months and seems to have developed a mild case of Parkinson's. She makes an awesome martini now, but is having a bit of trouble eating soup.