Track your lifting journey

My first iOS app, Liftr is a beautiful and functional workout tracking app for weight lifters, bodybuilders, and strength athletes. Use Liftr to track your lifting journey.

A passionate lifter of weights, I couldn't find a fitness tracking app I liked, so instead I decided to build my own. And share it with the world.

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Hi ProductHunters 👋, I’m the sole creator of Liftr! If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, don't hesitate to ask or let me know! My goal with this app was to initially create a fitness tracker that I'd want to keep using, but I decided that a much better goal would be to try and build the best workout app for lifting enthusiasts possible. With the initial launch of this app, I hope that I'm able to start that journey on the right foot :)
This sounds great, but will there be an Android app or at least a web app anytime soon?
@mperrotti Hi Michael, Since the beginning I've always had a vision of bringing this to both platforms + with an accessible web component (a great use-case for which would be coaches having access to their client data). However, up until now I have been spending all of my time after my regular work hours and on weekends to bring the iOS app to life. It can be tough solely designing and developing for multiple platforms on my own in a part-time capacity, but in the future I hope I'm able to get more resources to join me in bringing Liftr to a wider stage. In the meantime though, I will 100% be continuing to support and work on (hopefully awesome) updates to the iOS app for the foreseeable future. And I am also exploring the feasibility of a MVP web dashboard piece that I could hopefully add by the end of this year. I will keep you updated when any new developments occur :) Cheers, Karan
Hey Karan, the app looks great! I wish there was a free trial though. There are a lot of free apps out there but this one looks promising if it was free. Would it be possible to get a promo code? I'll be sure to buy the app if I like it and will definitely spread the word. Good job on publishing it by the way! Looks great!
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