Your fully adjustable, smart standing desk

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Would love to see a video of someone easily moving it with a fullsize monitor on top (like all the product shots show). Because probably not.
@clarklab agreed. I was thinking the same :)
I started using a standing desk 3 years ago and I could imagine going back to sitting all day. This seems like a very good solution for people who can't afford a two positions desk (sitting and standing). What do you think?
It's ingenious, I'm on year two of using my standing desk which I had modeled from Tinkering Monkey's standing desk. I found it to help a great deal.
looks very nicely designed
comes with a free cubicle too!
I've been using a standing desk and a sitting desk for over a year. While I really like having the ability to switch between the two, I leave my monitor and Wacom tablet on the standing desk and take my laptop to the sitting desk when I want to sit down. I like this product because it solves the issue of having all your hardware in the same place obviously saves space for those that don't have room for two separate desks. Would definitely echo Clark's (@clarklab) point of how easy it would be to move with a 27 - 30inch monitor or iMac slapped on top of it.
@rustydingo I have been using Varidesk for a year and it works great with a full size monitor. Not as pretty as Lift though.
@BrettdeM thanks for the tip Brett. That looks like one solid piece of machinery right there.
@BrettdeM Good alternative! Thanks for mentioning it