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I love that this supports different types of diets! I have a friend that does 5:2 and she quit using myfitnesspal because it was useless for her fast days.
Hey there! I was browsing Reddit like a couch potato when I stumbled upon a picture from r/progresspics. It was really impressive to see someone go from fat/unhealthy to fit and full of life. Following the comments on that post I downloaded Lifesum. I’ve now been using Lifesum on a daily basis for about 3 months. It has helped me learn how to not over-eat (which I was apparently doing) and drink water (instead of bottles of Coke). It never occurred to me to post such a product here but I must admit it’s a well designed (from an UX and visual design perspective) and it can help you to get healthy, so why not?
Fantastic team (@henrikt, the CEO is an investor in my company @spartasales) working on a truly "big" problem. One question I'd post to @henrikt and the rest of the team in here which I'm sure everyone else would like to hear answered. How do you think about retention, given that users are required to do a lot of manual work? Have you uncovered anything interesting here or have you figured out any clever ways to get people to continuously use the app multiple times per day? I'm sure plenty of other entrepreneurs could benefit from some insight here! James.
@jamesepember I think that's something which happens automatically for apps like that. I see a lot of people using myfitnesspal and the reason they come back to the app is that they want to know what kind of macros they have left and how much more they have to eat. That being said, I'm referring to people which do sports a lot and need to keep track of their calories and macros. I think the biggest hurdle is to get used to it, which should take that long.
Key for helping our users succeed in changing their lifestyles for the better is motivation and guidance. If we succeed in delivering that, more users will succeed and that will increase retention. (@spartasales @jamesepember)
Very well designed app. Love how you implemented feedback.
Currently using MyFitnessPal, but am not in love with it. (The new Under Armour-branded app icon irks me.) Why should I switch?
@thomasmeagher I think the core reason is the UI. Ultimately many of these type of trackers have the same features, and more or less thensame data in food nutrients. A few years ago I lost a lot of weight using the lose it app, but was always frustrated with the design. I switched to lifesum a few months ago, and although their database of foods is not as comprehensive, the user experience is far better suited to my needs
@benjamineevans makes sense. It looks a lot simpler to use with less cluttering functionality. What do the in-app purchases unlock? @henrikt Thanks for the thoughts, Ben!
Our in-app purchases offer our users even easier tracking and a more detailed, personalised plan. Tracking activity is easier with our numerous integrations, eating healthier is less of a challenge with more detailed nutritional information, and users can choose from a range of diets that are tailored to work well with Lifesum. (@benjamineevans @henriktThanks @thomasmeagher)