Portable AC powerbank πŸ”Œβš‘πŸ”‹

#5 Product of the DayMay 07, 2017
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Thanks for hunting us Jack :) The LIFEPOWR A2 L is the first AC powerbank with a maximum output of 120 Watt. Portable solar panels are optional 🌞 Currently we're building an improved version of the A2 that fully supports the new USB Type-C Power Delivery standard. It packs (2) USB-C / Thunderbolt3 ports up to 20V / 5A, (2) QC3.0 USB-A ports and an AC outlet (120W). Check out the A3 on Indiegogo:
@jan_danckers do you guys need a Presskit ?
@falemaster I've contacted your team on twitter a few days ago for your beta, I'm still waiting 🀞
Awesome product! Had meetings all day at a start-up conference and needed my laptop to go through the day on battery. Lifepower is the best solution. Love it! πŸ˜πŸ”‹
@jan_danckers Hey, What would you say is the key "differentiator" between LifePowr and OmniCharge
@eonpilot The most obvious is of course the mAh (20400 vs 27000) & the capacity (73Wh vs 99.9Wh). The omnicharge also has active cooling, while the A2 is passive; the aluminum design doesn't require a fan. The A2 is also cheaper.πŸ’° During their Indiegogo campaign they announced full USB-C power delivery, but I can't find anything about on their website. The A2 doesn't have USB-C either, but we've managed to integrate it in our new A3.
Apart from the more office friendly design, what would you say differentiates you from the established players in this market, specifically Goal Zero?
Jan's reply below sums it up nicely! Being an obvious mobile product, the Sherpa 100 weighs more and is larger than the A2. Another addition: Goal Zero hasn't made any moves yet into the direction op USB-C Power Delivery, on the contrary, we try to stay ahead of the game and offer the newest technologies, eg the A3:
I believe the key differentiators between us and the rest of the market is performance and value. While other players might have more bells and whistles on their powerpacks, we prefer our slick yet durable design. If you look at dimensions & weight, the Sherpa 100 is the one goal zero product that is the most comparable to the A2. The sherpa 100 is $299 while the A2 is $249. The AC inverter on the sherpa is optional and will set you back another $50. The performance (recharge time, capacity) of these 2 is comparable. The sherpa has more ports, but the A2 is lighter. I hope that answers your question @andreasduess ?
That's more or less what I wanted to say, you just beat me to it
@jan_danckers Well phrased! Adjusted my reply accordingly