Making the invisible, visible. Safety spray by Volvo.

#3 Product of the WeekDecember 27, 2015
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I hunted this back in March 2015, 9 months ago, when it was originally released! Glad to see this is getting the attention today!
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It seems that this product is just a repackaged version of albedo100's invisible bright spray. Read it here on the website: Also, the original thing is available here if you want to buy it:
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This is super cool!
@robertnachum7 would love to use this. Any idea where it can be bought?
@slanoue Great question! Anyone?
@robertnachum7 LifePaint is available for sale at most Volvo Car dealers.
May I use this at a rave party?
@rahulr047 you and me, 50% shares each, lets sell t-shirts for festivals hahhaha
@poliukgv @rahulr047 Haha. Sounds like a plan my friend.
@rahulr047 most excellent use case
"Lasting more than a week of normal usage." so you have to reapply it every week?
I was like "what about my horse!?!".. But then I found this:
@nichlaswa I thought "what about my car?" and wanted to get some for my rear bumper. When I went to your reference, Albedo100 has a permanent paint that WON'T wash off every week. That's a much better deal. Also, Volvo's product doesn't seem to be available outside England and Bretagne.