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This is pretty awesome - but quick note to say to make a conscious decision to address diversity in these LifeMaps. I'm not interested in the political ones, But I'm definitely interested in the Tech ones! How long did it take to gather all of these?
@bentossell We have a Lifemap for Donald Trump: (this would took a long time to research and accurately source).
@bentossell We have Lifemap for tech leaders, too. Larry Ellison: Sheryl Sandberg: Marc Benioff: Arianna Huffington: More:
@chrisamccoy yeh I know I saw them :) They are awesome... More please!!
@bentossell Research takes a week, editing--including Editorial Board approval by Data4America--takes another week, and our content management system imports directly from our Lifemap database to produce the final product--including photos and videos. Of course, creating the Product Hunt-inspired GIF takes about an hour.
Here's the @Data4America Lifemap for Hillary Clinton:
We even published Hillary Clinton's Lifemap natively to the Huffington Post. They tweeted it out to their 800,000 followers on their Politics channel. We're scheduled to release all major candidates and VPs through their distribution channel.
Last week, we did a Lifemap LIVE and Unplugged with Governor Gary Johnson. Cyan Banister and I interviewed him for an hour on the past, present, and future of his life--and it got a little misty at points. Wired Magazine covered it yesterday: The stream itself received over 253,000 views and was seen by over 1,000,000 through Facebook notifications: Here's the photo album from the event: Here's the Governor's Lifemap:
Interesting concept :)