Studio is a mobile app for runners, teamed up with LifeFitness, the world's largest fitness equipment manufacturer, to bring Studio group running classes to the gym.

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Hey all, Really excited to share something we’ve secretly been working on for the past six months. We teamed up with LifeFitness, the world’s largest treadmill maker, to bring our content to millions of their runners worldwide. If you’ve ever worked out at Equinox or thousands of other gyms, you’ve probably used their treadmill. Why did we do this instead of building our own treadmill? We believe in creating the world’s best content and software. In turn, we’ll partner with people who make great hardware - whether that’s treadmill makers, smart headphones, wearables, or smart phones themselves. The same way Netflix has their content everywhere - smart TVs, smartphones, set top boxes, etc., we want to have our content on any hardware that someone might use to make themselves healthier. Our mission is to make the world healthier by turning fitness into entertainment and therefore more accessible. If we limited ourselves to only those that could afford expensive hardware, it would be really tough to achieve that vision. By partnering with a hardware manufacturer like LifeFitness and their gym partners, we can now make our content more accessible than any other company out there. AMA!
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@jasonlbaptiste Wowza! This is like peanut butter & jelly! As an early user loving where this headed! Now it all makes sense on why you have been so busy! Way to go! 🙌🏼
@arjunram Thank you Arjun!!
@jasonlbaptiste @arjunram really appreciate the kind words and the great analogy. We have always thought that having best of breed hardware with best of breed software can be a winning combination. :)
@jasonlbaptiste this is epic. All equinoxes?
Aha! Shots fired at Peloton's recent expansion to the treadmill. 😊
@rrhoover will be interesting to see all of the different approaches in this extremely competitive space. hardware v. software, does content/partnerships conquer physical tech? see:
@rrhoover Hehe, indeed. I'm curious to see who ends up winning the race (pun intended): LifeFitness, Peloton, or TechnoGym. Or all three in a tie????
@rrhoover 2018 is the year of fitness tech
@rrhoover @pe_feeds Sumeet - our opinion is that making something accessible, with great instructors and real-time feedback creates a winner. Providing a product at an affordable price, with extraordinary instructor quality, and broad distribution will lead to success. That has driven our recruiting and partnership approach. 2018 is just getting started - more to come!
@nathanielmc absolutely agreed and it's going to be an exciting year!
Hello - co-founder of Studio here. When we started Studio it was to help people get the most from their treadmill runs. As a beginner runner myself I didn't know how fast to run, how to think about intervals, and I always found myself listening to the same repetitive playlists. Studio changed that - pairing incredible instructors with amazing music. I was motivated, guided, and entertained. It has been incredible for me and our members. As we built the product, we have always focused on accessibility and scale - making this useful and available to as many people as possible. If you can only walk on a treadmill, we want to help you have the best walk you can. If you are prepping for your first 5k, we want to help there, too. If you are an elite athlete we want to help you push yourself even farther. Now, with the partnership with LifeFitness we will be able to reach more people, in more places. It's an exciting step in our journey to touch millions of lives.
@nathanielmc I have zero clue who this guy is... Kidding, he's awesome. <3
Studio's on fire recently. First they hired Peloton's previous head coach, now this. Wow.
@benparr How do I report you as spam? Kidding. Thank you, love you, appreciate your support as a friend throughout the years.
@benparr we appreciate that; especially coming from you. It really is about bringing on high quality folks and giving them broad distribution to shine. the users love it - they see the quality difference and it really works for us.
The partnership of Studio x LifeFitness is next level because we are effectively making the BEST boutique fitness classes available and accessible to anyone, anywhere. By partnering with the largest treadmill manufacturer in the world our distribution is going to be incredible. My mission is to provide the best content and constantly varied programming for our members to get the best workout possible and become the best version of themselves. To complete this mission, we have assembled a team of instructors from top tier boutique studios from around the country. Studio is interactive and gamified, via an asynchronous leaderboard that you can access on your phone, Apple Watch or LifeFitness Treadmill, earning FITCOIN, our digital currency that will be redeemable for real world goods, a focus on community and levels that are alliterative animals to help keep you engaged and encouraged to take class and move up the ranks. For us, its not about being the best or winning the leaderboard, its about becoming a better version of yourself every day and taking class (whether you walk, run or jog) on the leaderboard so that you are held accountable and know that despite your physical location you are not alone. Cant wait for everyone to experience STUDIO on LifeFitness.
@lisaniren Well said! We're incredibly lucky to have you on board and can't wait for our members to experience some of the new things you're cooking up.
@lisaniren Content is king in this paradigm and it is so great to have you helping to bring on the best instructors in the world. Thinking through how to serve our members best is critical for our growth and I am grateful to have someone with so much experience in this area on the team.