Life isn't perfect. Your profile should be.

Lifefaker is the world's first online life faking service. Now instead of going to the trouble of living perfection, you can just get the photos.

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Double edged sword.


People perceive my life to be better.


My life is not better.

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This is just perfect.
Thanks so much for hunting @olifrosty, watching this video made my day. Is your co-founder Josie on PH too? Would love to credit her. Is it really true you started this project while completing your PhDs? What sparked it?
I love projects like this, but just a note @olifrosty MetMask blocks as a Ethereum phishing site, hope it's not!

Had the pleasure of working closely with Oli the founder on this. Incredible founder with an amazing vision to create a world where the line between perception and reality is completely blurred. We can all be happy all the time online using Lifefaker.


I can make my life look awesome


They don't have a "My Startup is Smashing It" package :(