Personalized wellness unlocked by your unique DNA

LifeDNA creates customized supplement and skincare kits based on your DNA, family medical history and health goals. Our mission is to inspire people to unlock the power of their DNA so they can live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

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Cyril from LifeDNA here! We started this company with the goal of changing and improving lives through genetics . Our vision is to offer people the health products that they specifically need based on their DNA, using ingredients with clinically proven results. We believe that the Health and Wellness space is broken for a few reasons. Most people have no idea what their body needs. They buy supplements, multivitamins, and even go on various diets based on health trends and other people’s opinions. On top of that, a lot of health products aren’t safe. They’re made with sub-par ingredients that can be dangerous and harmful. Here is a highlight of what LifeDNA has to offer. DNA-customized supplement packs DNA-customized skincare kits Health, fitness, and nutrition reports LifeDNA test kit World Class Security Advisor protecting your DNA data 🔒 Free DNA genetic consultation High quality ingredients rigorously tested for purity and safety Based on over 1,000 peer-reviewed studies 🔬 Backed by top scientists including a Harvard Ph.D We’re very excited to be launching this to the Product Hunt community. All of you will be receiving a 20% discount on your first order with coupon code PRODUCTHUNT! Try us out risk free with our 60 day money back guarantee. 😊 We’d love to get some feedback and I’m happy to answer any questions. 😄
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Product and team are solid! As an avid surfer from Hawaii, I am looking for ways to protect and keep my skin healthy.
@dayfid Glad we could help!
Preventing vs. Curing. I love it. Count me in!
@fiona_lau You got it! Looking forward to getting you setup. :)

. Two weeks after using LifeDNA soothing toner, cream and serum her acne disappeared and her skin recovered her natural beauty


Life DNA did a miracle with my wife skin. All her acne disappeared and her skin looks wonderful and wonderful .No more Acne and no scars.


The only issue we have to pay customs since were out of the U.S

very nice product, i like it,,