Evolving personal knowledge base

LifeDigger is a personal knowledge database, where you can write about everything you learn or see in your work / interests. The main purpose of LD is not to end up with 5000 static notes that you will never see again but more to be able to easily search and review notes. LD tries to make it easy for you to build an actual knowledge of your notes.

  • Usha Arun
    Usha ArunTech Consultant । Startups enthusiast ।

    Excellent tool to use


    Didn't find any.

    Looking forward to seeing more evolved featured.

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  • Pros: 

    With LifeDigger I can connect the dots


    A translation in French would really appreciated :)

    The concept is exactly what I needed to connect the dots between my different courses.

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Looks promising, need a way to stay in touch, as in, I'm not ready to move all my notes to the system this second, but if you keep developing, and are around and healthy in 6 months, I might reconsider. twitter, or mailing list would be great!
@jud5on, yes you are definitely right. We will set up a newsletter very soon, thanks for pointing that out !
Are you planning to make an app?
@archi_groschrau, Yes this is one of our main priority in the near-future. We want to quickly make an Android and iOS app to be able to view and add notes on the go.