A time machine for your child's life

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As I'm getting older, I've noticed friends on Facebook post photos of their children w. certain anniversaries, birthdays or milestones w. their children. Lifecake takes this existing behavior and introduces an easy way to capture these events in either a private or public way.
@daveambrose from my understanding, this is one of the most common use cases for the private photo/video-sharing app, Cluster. cc @mulligan
@rrhoover correct! And we have something very specific coming soon for these users
I've tried so many apps for sharing, curating and backing up my family photos. But every single one of them falls short in some way. The most common annoyance is that they don't talk to all the different apps in which my photos are scattered. So I can never have *all* my photos in one place. Same problem with Lifecake - doesn't connect to Dropbox or Gdrive. End of story for me :( If all my other startup ideas fail, I'm going to have to build a photo sharing app...
@hrishio Supports all that now :)