The world's simplest way to create albums and share images

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We ran a Meetup event and gave out the Lifebox link a couple of times. By the end of the night we had photos from participants around the room. The nugget of it for me is the fact it doesn't require an app download. People forget this thing called the web in their rush to make a shiny app. When you want multiple people to interact quickly and easily the web makes so much more sense. Excited to see iterations on the idea too.
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I heart this so much. An insanely simple web app for creating albums of the photos and images on your phone - then sharing, or allowing others to view or collaborate - then naming albums and retrieving them. All without accounts or login. This is an early beta release. Love the team, love their vision for taking this forward.
Thank you, @paul_a_smith, we're honoured to be here!
Hey everyone, thanks for the support! I'm Ovi, one of the three founders of Lifebox. We want to turn the idea of sharing photos on its head and find the most frictionless and easy way for people to share photos with their friends and their family. We will be upgrading, improving and working day and night on Lifebox to do this, so stick around, there's lots of surprises coming! :)
Fantastic web app. No sign-ups, no app, no fuss. Rapid album sharing at it's best. Perfect for post event picture sharing. Excited to get using this with friends and the fam.
@grabbins Looking forward to hear your feedback on Lifebox :)
Frictionless, app-less photo sharing. Win/win formula if you ask me :)
Thanks, @fatkidonfire great things are soon to come :)