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looks pretty sketchy.
@andypngr yeeeah... Why is this one the "most promising"?!
@chrismessina That’s the official tagline of every new thing in cryptocurrency.
@andypngr Correction: Looks VERY sketchy. There are half a dozen red flags in the copy on the first image alone.
@jeff_osborn Correction: IS MOST DEFINITELY VERY sketchy.

Nothing about this looks legit. It's pretty clear upon first look that there is nothing of substance here. The first (of many) red flags is that this product sells the concept of Crypto Currency not Blockchain. Anyone knowledgable about the topic knows that the thing worth investing in is Blockchain technology, not some dim concept of a new, exciting Crypto Currency. 2018 will be the year of fake and con-job crypto and blockchain companies. LIFE token is just one of hundreds to come.




Looks like a con

Um, "Copyright © 2017 PureLifeCoin™ LIFE™ LIFEtoken™ LIFEcard™ LIFEwallet™ "
Will watch out carefully for this Hunter..
@eternam I guess because you hunted something very sketchy..
@max_de_vos Indeed... But I do not work for this company. And everyone is free to propose changes. Anyone can have his opinion on this coin, but for me it is rather interesting. In any case, I only published a product still not listed on Product Hunt...