Life of Dino Stickers for iMessage

Express your activities with a little cute monster!

Experimental project to support independent designers and artists.

Meet Dino! This cute guy will make you feel like a cute monster! Whatever you do: running or relaxing, taking shower or cooking, this little dinosaur knows how to tell it in a fun way. Hrr-r-r-r!

Sticker pack includes 15 static stickers from Dino's life.


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Hey Product Hunters, It's time to give us more ways to express ourselves in iMessage! This is an experimental project to support independent designers and artists. This cute sticker pack was originally designed by my friend but was never published and hadn't a chance to meet the world before. These authors and designers need your support! For a limited time, I am going to collect never published drawings, projects from individual designers and give them a second chance as a sticker packs in iMessage. Hope you will enjoy them!
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