Life Lapse App

A free time lapse app for your life

Life Lapse App simplifies the creation of personal time lapse videos

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Unfortunately it's just for iOS!
@_kermani for now yes, there is a sign up for the waitlist for android on πŸ˜‰
@sarah_boland Okay! thanks :) But I really liked the idea
Making a time-lapse manually is a lot of work! Great idea to make an app to make it easier! Hopefully, there will be an Android version out soon??
very cool stuff Sarah :) I was curious how do you store the clips? And what happens if I switch phones?
@mikemiello Thanks Mike! :) The clips are stored within the app. You also have the option to save them individually or you can set up the project so that it will save each photo or video clip you take so you don't have to do it manually for each one. If you switch from iPhone to iPhone, it should transfer when you restore from iCloud. If you switch to android, for now, you'd SOL.
How long are the clips?
@joshvoydik hey Joshua! You choose either photos or video clips to compile a video sequence. With photo you can customize the speed from 1/3 second to 3 seconds and same with video clips. If you choose a video project, for now, you preselect which length the video clip is and each clip in that project will remain that clip length! 😊
I love that idea! I wish I had this app during my last trip - we tried to make the same effect manually :D
@aga_jaskiewicz I used to do this too!! Was such a lengthy process to try and line up from to clip to clip and edit it all! Hence why Life Lapse was born πŸ˜„