Life Lapse

Time-Lapse your adventures, for free.

Life Lapse is your free video passport stamp. Take a photo or short video clip of you in front of each place you visit and Life Lapse will stitch it together for you in a fun shareable video, no editing required. You can get creative with it and start far away in your first clip then move closer and closer as you visit more places.

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Hey @bolandia_yvr, This is really cool! Can you tell us more about why you built this and how it differs from other similar products out there?
@bolandia_yvr @jacqvon Hey Jacqueline! Absolutely. As a 28-year-old filmmaker, I have spent my whole career creating videos for companies in Vancouver, BC and wanted to bring easier ways for the everyday person to make beautiful films on their phones. With the rise of video on social media, our generation is looking for new ways to tell a better story that a single photo or video clip cannot do. I created videos like this manually while travelling. My friend and I would take exactly 7 steps away from the camera each time we were in a new spot to capture us in that location. It was our video version of a travel stamp on the passport. See this video at 20 seconds to see what I'm talking about: People loved the video. It was kind of a pain to make though. We never knew if we exactly in the same spot each time and don't get me started on the time it takes to edit, lol! I have come across apps that do this, only with photos though. With Life Lapse, from what I've researched, is the only app that will let you can take a sequence of video clips up to 3 seconds. Each time you take a new photo or video clip, the previous frame is overlaid so you can sync your subject. iPhone cameras are getting pretty impressive, to the point where I would just take my iPhone 7 plus out on hikes instead of my Canon 5d Mark 3 for photos. I knew people loved to get creative and share their journeys on Instagram, but get overwhelmed at the thoughts of learning editing software. This is why Life Lapse was born. :)
I think this was previously featured a couple of weeks ago here - not sure there is a significant update to it
@krishnade Hey Krishna! It was, I'm new to Product Hunt and wasn't sure on the guidelines around this. I did look it up in the FAQ section about posting twice but there wasn't anything saying you couldn't. My previous post was generic, this one has a travel focus. :)
@sarah_boland You might want to check with the PH team as I've seen people refer to the fact that there should be a significant update to warrant it being posted again You mention this one has a travel focus - you might want to mention that in a post under the video as that was not clear to me when I saw it here today - hope that helps
@krishnade I will update the post as per your suggestion, thanks Krishna :)
@sarah_boland You are very welcome!
Hey Sarah @sarah_boland, I suppose you could use it to stitch up screenshots to create a product video?
@ravsydney Currently you have to take the photos with out app, we are however adding an import option in the coming weeks, in which case, yes you could create a product video with it :)
Just installed the app. To use the app for screenshots πŸ‘†πŸΎ,I think the app needs to access the photo library for the projects (which would be a simple fix).
@ravsydney Yes, this is an update we're currently working on developing :) Thanks for downloading. If you have any other feedback on the app, in particular the user experience, I would love to hear it. Thanks :)