Life in Dots

A simple way to remember your posts on Facebook.

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Kevin Aguirre
Founder of @Sivarwire
Browse all your posts on Facebook through a beautiful collage made of dots.
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Ahmed MohaisenUI Engineer at Delivery Hero
Great! Helped me remove old posts! Thank you :) I think I'm gonna remove everything from my timeline, stop posting and use facebook as a messaging app; cause you know how companies started to implement AI in their syetem, they started to use it in hiring and other stuff, and guess how does it work? easy! by feeding the system data from social media resources!! if you have no idea about what I'm talking about, check this TED talk
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João Antunes
co partner, Survs
It would be interesting to see something like GitHub's graphs here! just a thought
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Ricardo Ramírez
Front-End Developer
Thanks @kev_aguirre for hunt this small data project!