Life Fasting Tracker

Easy and social way to do intermittent fasting

The FREE LIFE Fasting Tracker application is the easiest way to track intermittent fasting. Create circles to fast with your friends. Learn about the science backed benefits of intermittent fasting and other healthspan increasing activities with content. Available now on iOS and Android.

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When I saw this I got excited as I've been low-key intermittent fasting for a while now and would love something to track my schedule. However upon download it seems this app is more for tracking "fasting right now", is that the case? What I was expecting was a fasting tracker where I can set a fasting schedule, the app will repeatedly track that, allow me to track when I first ate, last ate, let me know if I made it or not, etc. It seems to be very geared around the social aspect, which I don't mind (although it's not a feature I'd use), but therefore lacks the actual tracking and accountability features I'd want to see. Tl;dr; I don't want (and will not remember) to go in and manually set my fasting schedule every day. I wish I could just create a repeating schedule, get notifications updating me on the progress, and allow me to track whether or not I followed it.
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Also I'd like to propose allowing users to hold the plus/ minus icons instead of repeatedly tapping them. I got up to 200 hours for shits-n-giggles, but now I'm having difficulties back down. Restarting the app seems to retain state so I'm basically forced to tap 200 times. Even my stove allows me to set the timer by holding the plus-button.
@alekplay Thanks for the feedback! In imminent future updates, we will allow users to schedule fasts, as you mention. There is also a feature currently where you can edit fasts and go in and manually add fasts you forgot to start at the time. But yes, we will be incorporating fasting schedules and reminders.
@alekplay Thanks for the feedback!
I was hoping, given the LIVE / LEARN split on the homepage, that you were providing a platform for users to input their health data across distinct types / applications, and then allowing 3rd parties to license the health/behavioral data -- ideally allowing the user to sell at an 80% take, with 20% platform fee - for example. Someone out there, please do the above. There's a world to save, and, better yet, money in it for you. @jhelmig
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@elizabethhunker Thank you for the feedback. That is not too too far from one of our goals for our next application, LIFE Extend - we hope to connect researchers with users to participate in studies (for compensation, including in clinical trials, etc.). There are other companies like LunaDNA that are looking to do what you are talking about more directly. We know the team at Luna and they are a great group. Hope this helps.
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As an added benefit for those of us who think the best way to ration the kids candy at Halloween is eat it ourselves, we are hosting a special fasting circle for Halloween - join at (don't worry, if you don't have the app yet, it will prompt you to download first)
should update with android link !

I also love the science behind this app. It's not about weight loss, but overall health improvements and life span.


The social aspect of this app is awesome. It's helped me be more successful with IF because I have the support of friends as I fast.


I wish it had a watch app. I would use it so much.