Life Calendar

Your life story. On a gorgeous poster.

#4 Product of the DayDecember 30, 2018

Life gets busy. Often, we are too distracted to step back and appreciate the stories that brought us to where we are today. Life Calendar is a beautiful reminder of every important period of your life. Your studies. Your wedding day. The first time you traveled abroad. Each moment earns a special place on a personalized work of art.

Cute idea. I like these little personal things, it doesn't always have to be something big. I have unfortunately not seen a bigger example to get a real overview of what is written on it 😞 or what it looks like from up close. would be nice if there was a bigger example somewhere on the site 😃
@de_henne You are completely right, this came up several times and we will add a better explanation. Thank you for the feedback! 👍
@shpoont I also want to be able to zoom into the example poster images to see what's written on them. Otherwise I feel like I'm not fully understanding what is being conveyed. Like you can with shoes on Zappos :) Zooming is the first thing I wanted to do when I viewed your website. Otherwise very cool idea and hope it will evolve to include different style options. Good luck.
Very good idea.An application I developed last year focused on planning for the future. OneLife - Create life cards
@alithink Thank you for your kinds words 🙂
This cool but how people can uptate the poster?
@bougu Hi, we made Life Calendar as a tool that allows you to step back and see your life from a larger perspective. It makes sense to update it once in a few years, and not too often. Of course, customers ordering their Life Calendar for the second time will have significant discounts.
Gorgeous. You should turn this into an app so it can be kept updated on a yearly basis so people can buy a small screen to display it with. Maybe even an eInk display.
@joshuapinter wow this is a great idea! 💥Thank you and Happy New Year!
👋 Hey Product Hunters! Leon from the Life Calendar team here ( This is an exciting moment for us - we've worked very hard for the past year, and finally, we can share the Life Calendar with you. To be completely honest, this is our first product ever, and this is a huge deal for us. 😎 So here it is. The celebration of the New Year sets the mood for recollecting the significant things that happened during the past year. We've created Life Calendar as a reminder of every important period of your whole life. Your studies. Your wedding day. The first time you traveled abroad. Each moment earns a special place on a personalized work of art. Creating your Life Calendar is easy and exciting with the intuitive editor. Just list the years of any significant period of your life, and the editor will lay them out perfectly. Take your time to consider what to include. A big part of the Life Calendar experience is reflecting upon all those fleeting moments that brought you here today. When the poster arrives at your home, give it the best spot to be appreciated by all those you love. Observing life’s moments from this unique vantage point helps you reframe the stories that define who you are. It’s the perfect family keepsake and motivational work of art for the office. We hope that you will enjoy it! Of course, we offer a 10% product launch discount for everyone! 🎁 We are eager to know what you think. What do you love? What would you improve? Cheers and Happy New Year! 🎄 Leon,