Licki Brush

Lick your cat. Like a Cat.

WTF ProductGolden Kitty 2016
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What a time to be alive!
As this is Product Hunt, I will review this as a product. I'd say that, while it might meet a particular niche's needs (which, hey, is a good thing), there are short comings. Is it a brush, or is it a tongue? It doesn't seem to work well as either. The nubs and tongue over all are too big are to convince a cat that you're actually licking it. And, they are too big to brush it. Also, there is no saliva, or saliva substitute, so the cat will know you're not cleaning it. Another downfall is that you are placing your face awfully close to the cat, and the cat will act unpredictably. There is no protection. Cats suddenly decide, "it's time to stop touching me now," and they'll take that out on your face. The "Licki" part is flawed and the brush part is flawed. Watch out for lawsuits? Who knows. Maybe it's an incredible troll. Overall, I think v2, if they address these issues, will still be honestly weird, but I think some furries might be big fans, so...
How is this not on product hunt yet?!
I mean, I'm a cat person, but this kinda grosses me out.
This is horrible 🙈 Saw it floating around the internets over last couple of days. It's probably made worse that Im not a fan of cats anyway.
@bentossell You think this is horrible? Wait 'til you see the one for dogs… ;-)