Reading with friends

Thanks for sharing some Librify love, Kris! We're currently in Beta at the moment, but lots of fun social reading features to come! Stay tuned for updates :)
Now if only I had friends. Do those come with a monthly subscription? (Beautiful site, btw. Nice partnership with Target, too.)
@stttories Some friend do come with an ongoing cost. I can loan you a few of those if you like.
Really liking Librify–the future opportunities here are huge. I haven't seen a book club done well through e-reader yet and it looks like the Target partnership could really launch that well. @ulianoj can you speak to the book selection that will be available on Librify?
@janatrantow We've got some really great plans in place for our book club, so you'll have to stay tuned! Re: Book selection - we have a very comprehensive catalogue of books from all major publishers to ensure that all our readers have their favorite genre and authors on hand from best-sellers to classics and everything in between.
@ulianoj i'm craving to meet other awesome people who read, but i've felt let down by other services. why will this succeed when others haven't? cc @jenny8lee who may be interested.
@eriktorenberg An excellent question! The social digital reading landscape is pretty much uncharted territory at the moment. We want to develop a platform where you can not only download, read and review books, but also share the reading experience with others. Success for us is to create the best social reading experience out there. ^ I think that's the most PR-able answer I've written this week. Whew.
@ulianoj so give us the non PR answer ;) Goodreads and Shelfari would say they've charted the digital reading landscape, no?
@eriktorenberg I think what makes Librify different is that we're working on to bring a social aspect to reading in the digital era
Being a book person (and professional, I'm intrigued by anyone making reading a social experience outside of the real world. However as I looked at the site, I had some questions (both personally and professionally). For the monthly fee, you get one book from the membership book list. The sample list is mostly fiction (and mostly modern/popular fiction), and a mix of new and old (Great Gatsby). Is that a common mix? Or are the "See more lists" books also part of that? (Even the see more lists are pretty limited and dated). You say you have 1 million titles. Are there any of the big or medium publishers you aren't working with? (Wondering what the limitations are going to be as per selection)? Looks like members get about a 20% discount, but I saw a few free books. How are you choosing the free books, or are those priced by the authors that way? I see you're letting users rate books. Are you going to include user reviews as well? Or editorial reviews? (He says with an ulterior motive, having a bank of 10,000+ reviews from the last 6 years).
@SacBookReviewer Lots of great questions! Re: Monthly fee - Correct, with the monthly subscription users will receive one free download from the membership book list. This list isn't limited to only fiction nor are the sample lists on the website a representative of the sum of genres we're offering. We're constantly updating the lists and offerings available for download. Members will additionally receive discounts on subsequent purchases throughout the month. The books that are free and discounted prices are determined by a number of factors. Of course, there are also the a la carte offerings where users can purchase/download books as they go. Re: Publishers - We're working with the big five. Our selection of books is quite robust and there are offerings for all book lovers. The user experience is constantly being updated and edited as we move toward our official launch and our goal is to feature user reviews as a part of the experience. Hope this answers everything!
@ulianoj That's a great start, thanks for the reply. I'd like to discuss a few other things via email if you don't mind. I can be reached at ross at