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Thanks Ryan. I'll see if we can get @fredvdbosch or @josephruscio to join the conversation. With brand name customers like Heroku and Adobe, as well as scores of early stage startups, Librato is helping companies with monitoring, metrics, and alerting. If you need to do some monitoring or alerting, check it out!
I've heard good things about Librato from @Noah_L (invested via Cowboy VC) and others.
Thanks for the mention Ryan and the nice description Noah! I'll be lurking here if anyone has any questions about Librato or how we can help your team become much more data-driven in building/operating your services!
I really, really, REALLY love this product. It's go-to solution for creating dashboars with any kind of graphs, including calculated one and alerts. I especially love their free plan which allows me to create dashboards for my pet projects. For example, I monitor temperature and humidity in my room with librato (which helps me to keep my acustic piano in good condition).