Your personal mood and libido tracker

Lots of people track their workouts, their diet, or their sleep. Libi allows them to track their mood, libido, menstruation, and sexual activity! Sync with your iPhone's Health App and find correlations to learn what makes your body tick.
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Absolutely need this on Android! Thanks so much.
Libi is an app I wrote to find more about my libido and mood. When do they ebb and flow? What are they influenced by? Is it true that I’m always in way better mood during summer, or is that just a wrong perception? I decided to get scientific about it. The app uses a technique called Experience Sampling: it randomly collects data at different times each day and uses that to calculate your average day, week, etc. Using this data, it can help you find correlations to data that the Health app can provide. Using the app over the last few months, I learned a lot about my body, my moods, and more. I hope Libi will improve your life, your relationships, and how you think about your body. Lemme know your thoughts and comments, I'd love to hear feedback!
Wanna see that for Android. I use Daylio and Moodrise.
Daniel, I love this