Simple eBook creation and publishing right from Google Drive

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Hey everyone! My name is Cat and I'm the Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer of Liberio. I handle all things product design, brand management and marketing. As of today, we are officially open to everyone and no longer in private beta :)
I've been a beta user of Liberio, it's a sweet app!
@pjrvs Thanks a bunch, Paul! :D We love that you were a beta author.
@imcatnoone Cat, I can't believe I missed this before. It's beautiful! I can definitely see myself using Liberio in the future. Thank you. :)
@v4violetta Thanks so much Violeta! No thanks needed from you :D Please let me know if you need any help, at any point. Don't hesitate to reach out.
Great idea, simple and clean execution! @imcatnoone and team!
@rolandal Thanks a bunch, Roland!
@imcatnoone Looks great! Any plans for supporting Dropbox?
@Jonnotie Jonno, thank you! We really appreciate it. And yep! We'll be integrating with other services very soon. And by very, I mean it's worth giving us a follow on twitter because we'll announce it there and you'll need to know! :D
@Jonnotie Just a heads up and follow up, that we now support Dropbox :)