Express yourself through the medium of lists.

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We've been using (formerly, The List App) at Product Hunt to create lists on anything from: • Kobe Bryant's Last Game (in GIFs) • Tesla Model 3 Launch Event (in GIFs) • Must Have Menu Bar Apps for Mac (very popular list) • Community App Recommendations (an open list that people can add to) • Product Design Books Not About Product Design (via @HunterWalk) • Tim Ferriss Book Recommendations (via @tferriss) • Lots of other cool lists :) A few more things: • The app is super well designed and is a joy to use • What I mean by that is, it makes me want to keep making more lists • The format is really enjoyable to consume and browse through, particularly on mobile • We'll keep making a lot more lists :) In case you missed it... • @bjnovak and @devwastaken were on stage at TC Disrupt in New York this week • The List App --> (because cool companies drop the "the" ;) • And because there's a web version coming out soon 👀 • And the big news is... • is now available on Android! For more, read the TechCrunch article about the new and Android launch (and check out BJ Novak's Product Hunt LIVE comment where he talks about how he came up with
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@nivo0o0 @hunterwalk @tferriss @bjnovak @devwastaken Great summary, Niv! Also thanks for sharing some of the lists the PH team have created - the Menu Bar Apps for Mac is awesome!
@nivo0o0 what was different than making a PH collection/channel for " Must Have Menu Bar Apps for Mac" lsit among others ?
@bjnovak nice segment with Stephen Colbert last night!
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i've been so impressed w this product since day 1. such good stuff on it. congrats you guys!
"Not for groceries" may be one of the best subtitle I've seen.
Can you make a list about... products?!
I have a really old version of this in my office, it's called a pad of paper, cool to see it tube-enabled
One of my favorite episodes of @karaswisher's Recode Decode is with @bjnovak and @devwastaken. Listen here. But real talk. What's your beef with groceries, @bjnovak / @devwastaken?
@rrhoover @karaswisher @devwastaken we both had bad experiences with groceries as children. prefer not to talk about it.
@rrhoover @karaswisher @bjnovak hahaha, we just wanted to make it super clear, in a fun way, that is first and foremost about self-expression. that said, if you wanna express yourself through your groceries, go for it! i do think it might scare people to see a grocery list that just said "1000 cases of La Croix", though.
@devwastaken you just inspired me to create a list of my favorite LaCroix flavors. #teamcoconut
@bjnovak @rrhoover @karaswisher @devwastaken that slogan tho! Instantly thinks, oh another list app. Read's slogan, laughs, downloads. Def. get it right away with the no groceries quip. Feels a little like a type app. Don't know why but I'm kind of afraid of getting really deep in Pintrest for some reason, but there is stuff all over the web I'd love to log to a shareable list. Maybe this is that for me. Congrats on launch.