LGBTQ Pride by Burst

Royalty-free photos celebrating LGBTQ pride month.

Celebrate LGBTQ Pride month with this free stock photo collection from Burst -- because love is love. All photos are available for free to use for commercial and personal use. Perfect for social media, websites, blogs, articles, and more! #Pride2018 #LoveIsLove #PrideMonth

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👋Hey, Product Hunt community. I work on a product called Burst that provides royalty-free photos for entrepreneurs, marketers, designers, and bloggers. A couple friends and I noticed there's a need for free images that represent all kinds of love. So we invited friends, colleagues, and community members from our city -- Toronto, which is celebrating Pride Month right now -- to take part in a photoshoot. All models self-identify, so they have control over what their photos are tagged as and the search terms associated with their images. We did this to ensure accuracy amongst race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age and gender terms. These images are just the beginning and we're eager to grow our collection. If you have any feedback/questions, feel free to hit me up! Or if you're in the Toronto area, we'd love to have you join us as a model :) (PS thanks @francovarriano for hunting 🙌🏾)
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Awesome to see this dedicated collection celebrating Pride Month! Way to go Burst team!
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Great work by the team at Burst 👏👏👏
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@edirenzo Thank you Emily! Your photography is wicked, should have you contribute to Burst! 😉
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Super important! Will def help up and coming entrepreneurs/businesses with inclusive content curation!
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@vnsnk, thank you for this project. Appreciated, upvoted, bookmarked. Can I ask that we all take a moment to consider our privilege on the fact that this thread has (so far, at least) been devoid of the bigotry presented on Product Hunt when Nappy (by @jacqueshbastien) launched? This is a nearly identical product, serving a different niche, with none of the same type of appalling comments. Hopefully we can keep in mind the insidious double standards that exist in the tech community and use our privilege and power to uplift others who need our support!
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