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Hey guys, LGBT News is a product I built, inspired by the successful models of Hacker News, Designer News, Reddit, etc. The reason I built it is because Equaldex (which is a crowdsourced database of LGBT laws in each country/region) was great at covering laws, but it was missing important information about other things happening around LGBT rights (bills that aren't passed, major cultural events, etc.). When people submit news, they tag it with a country, state, province, etc., and the news is distributed to the country pages. Example: Some more thoughts behind the product: - News is hooked up to Equaldex's Twitter and Facebook account, so approved posts are automatically shared with a link back to the post. (This also makes it less of a burden to always be updating social.) - Eventually, moderators may be able to "flag" groundbreaking news items to be surfaced on the global timeline of LGBT rights: - In the future, users will be able to tag news with organizations (, companies, politicians, or even celebrities, which will basically build an "equality" profile on any entity. Really excited how the feature integrates throughout the site. Would love to hear people's thoughts on it!
Nice work Dan! Will be sharing this around and taking a closer look over the weekend. What about adding LGBT groups/resources active per country/region? Sometimes there's simply a huge issue around awareness. Have seen this especially in less LGBT-friendly regions/countries. Have also had in the back of my mind idea for a crowd-sourced LGBT company friendliness index.
@ggiaco Thanks so much! Companies is definitely something I've been considering for the future -- would definitely be useful. What specially do you mean by LGBT groups/resources? Do you mean something other than LGBT organizations?:
@danlev I see now. I guess specifically I was expecting to see a list of LGBT orgs/resources in country/state pages such as Looks like there should be something there on the right column already, but I didn't see any because the section disappears if there aren't any affiliated orgs. Maybe keep the "widget" on the right column always visible, with a link to the "Suggest Org" form?
@ggiaco Great idea! Will add that later. Would give more visibility to the organizations feature. :)