A near bezel-less phone by LG

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Tristan Isham
Tristan IshamHunter@tristanisham · #I'mStessed
I'd love to have this device. As a dude with average sized phalanges, I've always wanted a phone with a massive screen, but struggle to comfortably use larger devices, forcing me to usually settle with the "non-plus" model devices tend to come in, sacrificing features and specs. This phone is the best of both worlds for me. If only I was not broke.
Emmanuel B. Lepage
Emmanuel B. Lepage@emmanuel_b_lepage · Here for social media tech stach
It's looking great. A lot like HTC or the Google Pixel. It get the Google Assistant so I'm curious. No information if it will play well with Google Daydream View. For me, VR it's the big deal.
Tristan Isham
Tristan IshamHunter@tristanisham · #I'mStessed
@emmanuel_b_lepage I've yet to see any kind of information on Daydream, or on any other VR functionality (http://www.lg.com/us/mobile-acce...). I think it'd be a fantastic device for it, and the specs are most certainly there!
carlos garcia
carlos garcia@androidlove · Co-Founder, Internet Missionaries
Only Apple matters...
Dan Downs
Dan Downs@dan_o_mite
I'm currently in a committed relationship with my Pixel XL, but this is really tempting. It sounds like this checks a lot of boxes for me; water/dust resistant, USB C, thin bezels, fingerprint sensor... If my Pixel breaks, I'd consider this phone. LG does good work. I owned the LG G3 and G4, and loved them both.
Tristan Isham
Tristan IshamHunter@tristanisham · #I'mStessed
@dan_o_mite I really appreciate your comment because I've had a bad history of grabbing the wrong Android devices. I'd love to get a pixel, but since this one comes with water protection, and more screen, and isn't completely out of stock, this is my primary option. Thanks so much! This gives me a lot more confidence on any purchases that I might make.
Shaomeng Zhang
Shaomeng Zhang@shaomeng_zhang · Maker of ZenJournal: Minimal Diary. 👋
Look how much more you can achieve without the constraints of modularity LG! I always thought "the other Korean brand" can achieve so much more than Samsung. Just look at their display tech a la their Super slim transparent TV. Also, the weird thing about this phone though: gorilla glass 3 as the main screen while gorilla 4 and 5 on the back.... that's like 4 year old tech as the main screen. Wondering why.