The future of oil infusion

LEVO II is the premium kitchen appliance for preparing herbal infusions at home, mess-free. LEVO automates the traditionally messy & tedious method of oil infusion, to one as easy making coffee or tea. New features include modes for Drying fresh herbs, Activating botanical ingredients to increase potency, perfected Infusion, and WiFi connectivity.

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Hmmm - I am not sure I see the utility of this, especially as it adds a single purpose appliance to the kitchen. Infusions are dead simple, warm or cold, and I am struggling to understand why I’d need an appliance to do something that a pot and gentle heat, or a mason jar and time, could not do just as well.
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@andreasduess no smell, less mess easy to clean and increased productivity
@big_papa_tippery Still don't buy it. I worked as a line cook for a couple of years and we made infusions all the time. Oil into vessel, add aromatic, heat (or not) and you're done. A mason jar goes directly into the dishwasher, so does a pot - clean and tidy. If you want to get all fancy, use the sous vide for temp control but that would be pushing it.
@andreasduess ..I did the ol pot n flame too..before I found the magical buttet machine which for my use is ample...cut my conversion time in half so to me it makes sense as my can be used for other things than watching a pot..bit tobeach his own
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@andreasduess Hi Andreas, LEVO I and II automate a traditional heat steeping process to streamline the steps, precisely control time and temperature, and pre-filter your infusion. All the parts that touch the oil are dishwasher safe and removable in one step, such that your hands never have to touch oil directly. Traditional methods have some drawbacks that inspired that invention, namely lack of precise temperature control on the stove top / with a slow cooker, creating an environment conducive to mold in a mason jar, and the needs for messy stainers or cheesecloth in any case. The simplicity of the functionality and design is intentional, as there’s no unnecessary processing of the wholesome ingredients you put inside and it fits in the countertop among other appliances. The methods you mention definitely inspired the product in the sense that we believe a steeping method is ideal for taste (AKA minimal amount of sediment and chlorophyll in the end product).
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@christina_bellman1 Perhaps I am tainted because I do have kitchen experience. When we needed precise temp control, we used the sous vide, something I still do for yoghurts etc.
The new LEVO II has everything an infusion enthusiast or connoisseur needs. You can literally make anything in this machine that utilizes infusion. In addition to any kind of infused edible oil (infused with herbs, roots, citrus, nuts, flowers) think skin cremes, lip balm, shaving creme, bath bombs! Your imagination is your limit. It streamlines the infusion process by combining all the pre-treatment steps and the infusion itself into one machine. And with customizable temps and time settings for herb+oil pairings, there's no chance of burning your product and wasting material. Clean up also couldn't be easier.
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@dblut7 I have the mb2...explain the differences and what is price point cimpared to 150 for mb2
@dblut7 @big_papa_tippery Thanks for your question. The main difference is that LEVO I and II are not immersion blenders (like Magical Butter / soy milk makers). We automated a steeping method more similar to steeping coffee or tea. The benefit is that it reduces sediment and compounds Iike chlorophyll that make infusions have an undesired texture or taste grassy.
@big_papa_tippery sorry for the delayed response. Been traveling for the holidays. The LEVO II is $349.99 and has 3 different modes for end-to-end treatment. One mode for Drying herbal ingredients, one for Activating (which decarboxylates Flower, trim, whatever), and one for Infusing. So you can Activate and Infuse all in the same container, which reduces the extra step of doing that in your oven/toaster, and wasting precious materials that can get lost in the transfer process. LEVO II also has WiFi connectivity to the LEVO mobile app for iOS and Android. Furthermore, both LEVO I and LEVO II use a patented heat-controlled steeping method that uses light agitation to both maximizes both infusion potency and taste, while minimizing the transfer of particles from your plant that you wouldn't want in the oil (for health and taste purposes). No straining, squeezing, or cheese cloth needed. LEVO's herb pod keeps most of the particles out of the oil so you get a clean and beautiful end product with no extra work. Lastly, echoing what @christina_bellman1 wrote below on another comment, "further, mixers with blades or even just harsh paddles might aerate your infusion (cutting the shelf life down) or also created unwanted texture or taste from (sediment or compounds like chlorophyll, respectively)."
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Hi Hunters! We’re so excited to launch our second campaign! LEVO II hopes to make the experience of infusion easier than ever before. We want more folks to enjoy the process of elevating foods, topicals, and more with the essence of herbs without solvents or additives, so they can get creative with it! Please comment with any questions, whatsoever! We’re right here. Thanks for your interest!
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This is so cool. Well done @christina_bellman1
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@eben_gabriels Thanks so much, Eben! Happy Holidays!