An easier way to custom frame your posters, prints & photos

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Josh Hubball
@jhubball · Founder @Levelframes
Thanks for all of the comments/feedback so far! In case it wasn't apparent, there's a 20% discount applied to your first frames order using the link above.
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Josh Hubball
@jhubball · Founder @Levelframes
The origin of Level is my experience trying to frame a few pieces of artwork and running into all kinds of frustration. The frames I came across in stores were either cheap looking or the wrong size, and the custom frame shops were quoting me 10x the cost of the art itself. Level is a website where you can customize a picture frame to fit any poster, p… See more
@jongold · AI design tools
I've wanted this for aggggges - was just talking about how much I wanted it earlier this week to @tomcavill. In my experience I'm too lazy to rent a ZipCar to go to IKEA to pick up cheap frames, and everything I see online is ridiculously expensive or I'm not sure of the exact dimensions (some frames have a mask, some don't). please please please launch in… See more
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Erick Schonfeld
@erickschonfeld · Exec Producer DEMO, Co-Founder TouchCast
great design
@aten · CEO & Designer, Merchbar.com
I've never understood why custom framing had to be so expensive. Really excited to bring all the beautiful concert posters I have out of hiding in my closet.