The world's first bionic knee brace



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Ayelet NoffHunter@ayeletnoff · CEO, Blonde 2.0
What makes Levitation stand out is its ability to reuse energy you have already put out. The brace has so many use cases from boosting the performance of pro athletes to stabilizing the joints in order to prevent injuries and assisting in the rehabilitation from previous knee injuries, and so much more.
Braden Hamm@bradenhamm · Designer / Founder Gumwall.com
@ayeletnoff If it boosts performance, could athletes without injuries use it for competitive advantage? That would be interesting if it just looked like knee braces to everyone else, but a running back's 40 time was .5 seconds faster. Edit: watched the video, it's probably not the level of performance boosting I first imagined ;)
JJ Podborski نMaker@podbroski · Marketing Manager, Spring Loaded Tech
@bradenhamm @ayeletnoff Hi Braden, thank you for your response. That's the path we're heading down; human performance optimization. Although we may not be at the point where we're dramatically reducing the time it takes for an NFL/NCAA RB to run a 40, we're certainly able to reduce fatigue and increase jump height. For athletes with injuries however, it's game changing. If an athlete has had an injury requiring surgery, our brace will help them get to weight-bearing much faster than without. This way, they can participate in more rigorous physical therapy to get on the field faster. Also, it's important to keep in mind that Levitation is our very first product. We're looking to push the limits of bionics and lead the way to even more enhanced human performance. Stay tuned!
Ben Fox@benjaminefox · Co-Founder, FlowPress
Will this help with runner's knee issues? Such as Tib Fib and IT band injuries.
JJ Podborski نMaker@podbroski · Marketing Manager, Spring Loaded Tech
@benjaminefox Hi Ben, I'm a victim of runner's knee; it sucks! Levitation absolutely helps with patella tracking and stabilizing the patella while reducing the amount of compression on the knee. We also have a blog addressing runner's knee here: https://springloadedtechnology.c...
Ben Fox@benjaminefox · Co-Founder, FlowPress
@podbroski Thanks JJ. What's it like to run with it on? Do you still see the same benefits or does it make running easier? Do I need one for both kneese? Does it restrict motion? And...last one...is it corrective or will I need it alway?
JJ Podborski نMaker@podbroski · Marketing Manager, Spring Loaded Tech
@benjaminefox the initial version is not a running-specific brace (with the spring fully engaged you would have to run straight legged) but with the spring disengaged it will decrease compression and make running more comfortable. You would definitely want to get one for each so you can prevent further deterioration in a balanced fashion. Early tests with athletes yielded no complaints about the range of motion being restricted. Although we're not making any guarantees, the brace could work as a corrective device to an extent; it will encourage proper tracking of the patella. There's a chance that you might be able to stop wearing the brace. However, why do that when you can keep preventing further wear and tear? :)
Chris Scott@chrisgscott · I make stuff for pro photographers.
I have patella femoral syndrome in both knees. Could this help me ski without pain again???
JJ Podborski نMaker@podbroski · Marketing Manager, Spring Loaded Tech
@chrisgscott Absolutely. We have a ski version that is set to deliver in Nov 2016. Head over to our Indiegogo page http://goknees.com to take a look (the ski edition is towards the end of the page)
Sam Doshi@samir_doshi · Co Founder @ Relayo.com
The big issue is that is this an unfair advantage for athletes --- because if one starts using it - then everyone does - then the playing field is leveled again... benefits to those who are challenged in the knees would be awesome.
JJ Podborski نMaker@podbroski · Marketing Manager, Spring Loaded Tech
@samir_doshi Evening the playing field is a huge piece of the equation! That means everyone needs to get one though right?? :)