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#2 Product of the DayDecember 09, 2017

Hey Hunters! I made this new thing called Levelsmap. I created it because I was deeply inspired by @levelsio when I saw him talk at a nomad conference in 2015. If I can help my fellow product hunters and more product makers like myself connect with each other, so much the better. Hope that helps!!

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PSA: Using this product will automatically follow the maker's twitter account. Unethical use of permissions.
Very nice, but the Twitter permissions scope is a deal breaker for me.
@ohadisohad Thanks for your support! Levelsmap is open-source — https://github.com/mcknco/levelsmap — and you can read more about that on my blog post, https://mckn.co/first-mvp
@ohadisohad ... same here.
@ohadisohad Yeah, @mcknco reduce the list of Twitter permissions and I’ll jump on the map as well 🙌🏻 why do you need permission to post tweets and change twitter bio?
@ohadisohad @janlosert Twitter doesn't give you very fine grain control over permissions. Either it's read everything or read+write everything. So I don't use any of that stuff and don't save any credentials. Again: check my blog post.
Love the simplicity of the user-interface. Here are a few questions for you: 1. What was your motivation to put the code on GitHub? 2. Think of revenue generation yet? 3. What's next?
Hi @parasharanmol — Thanks for your comment! I definitely tried to keep it as simple as possible, both to login and add yourself, and just to use to find other people. 1. It’s open-sourced to try and foster an increased sense of trust and legitimacy. Especially since I have no history on PH, had only a few users to begin with and the app asks for Twitter credentials to sign-in. 2. I have no plan to monetize this — it’s basically just a big thank you to @levelsio and the entire Product Hunt community. Obviously if interest exceeds expectations I can reevaluate! 3. Let’s see where the wind takes me. I’d like to burn through a list of MVP ideas quickly and see where user’s interests are before committing to one product or industry in a more dedicated way. Glad you like it!
@levelsio @mcknco Great answers. Good luck!
The basic functionality is on Levelsmap you can pin your Twitter avatar to your current location on the world map, and in doing so be found by other like-minded users. Of course you don’t have to join the map yourself, you can also just check it out and see who’s already on there.
This is great - I don't live near any tech hubs anymore and miss the buzz