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A customizable landing page for product launches

#1 Product of the DayApril 02, 2016
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I couldn't find any good landing page options for product launches (specifically, something that displayed multiple pricing tiers vertically). So my friend @hamstu and I built this landing page + customizer + WordPress theme. I used it to launch my video tutorials, and I've seen others use it for events, apps, and book launches. I especially like the customizer (you can play with it here). We hope to keep iterating on it, and add new options (fonts, layouts, etc..) Update: we're doing a special deal just for Product Hunters: get 20% off the WordPress theme here and $5 off the HTML theme.
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Ill comment. since its a ghost town here. It looks clean and very useful, especially for vertical sites selling variations on a single product. It amazes me again and again that so many businesses are built around Wordpress without looking like a hack. This looks to be a very good theme for just that purpose - good looking, simple story, easy sales.
I've seen Levels in the wild several times & have purchased from at least 1 site using it. It's the kind of thing that makes me think " I wish I'd built that!", which is a rare experience for me. It's clear, uncluttered, and puts the sales page experience on greased rails, from a purchasers perspective. Great work.
Hamish here, I'm the primary developer for Levels — @mijustin and I created this theme to help all you awesome creators get your products out there. We're excited to get your feedback, and to continually improve Levels. Let me know if there are any questions I can answer.
@hamstu @mijustin Congrats, awesome job on this theme! As a designer, I love-love-love quality themes like this tailored to the business reality.
I'm using the Levels Theme for my book and it's fantastic. See it in action here: Fearless Salary Negotiation I just transitioned my entire site over to the new theme to take advantage of the tiered pricing options (I previously had separate landing pages for my book and video courses—now it's all one landing page). It took me about two hours to move to the new template. Everything is very well documented, so it's easy to leverage the features I want and ignore the ones I don't need right now. If you're on the fence, just buy it. You'll make up the cost several times over in saved time with configuration and customization. ;)