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A customizable landing page for product launches



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Justin Jackson — MegaMaker
I couldn't find any good landing page options for product launches (specifically, something that displayed multiple pricing tiers vertically). So my friend @hamstu and I built this landing page + customizer + WordPress theme.

I used it to launch my video tutorials, and I've seen others use it for events, apps, and book launches.

I especially like the customizer (you can play with it here). We hope to keep iterating on it, and add new options (fonts, layouts, etc..)

Update: we're doing a special deal just for Product Hunters: get 20% off the WordPress theme here and $5 off the HTML theme.
Lynn Fredricks — President, Paradigma Software
Ill comment. since its a ghost town here. It looks clean and very useful, especially for vertical sites selling variations on a single product. It amazes me again and again that so many businesses are built around Wordpress without looking like a hack. This looks to be a very good theme for just that purpose - good looking, simple story, easy sales.
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