Compare career levels across software eng and other fields

Levels.fyi makes it easy to compare career ladder titles within a role (ex. ‘Senior Software Enineer)’, ‘Staff SWE’) and across companies (ex. Google vs. Facebook). Currently, we have Software Engineering, Product Management, and Investment Banking tracks. Let us know if you'd like to see a track added :)

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James HuangProduct @ Microsoft
levels.fyi is basically the de facto response on Blind now whenever someone asks: "What is E5 at FB == at Amazon or MSFT?" Killer product. Congrats on the launch! :)
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Gagan SinghSr. Product Manager, Uber
Awesome. Next, you need to make a Gmail widget that shows level comparisons right next to every recruiter email you ever get. :)
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Zaheer Mohiuddin
Co-Founder Levels.fyi | Ex-AWS/LinkedIn
Hey All, Excited to launch Levels.FYI today! We had this idea when we were hunting for a new job and found it difficult to figure out what level to target entering a new company at. Each company has their own numbering / naming scheme. Example: A 'T3' or 'Software Development Engineer I' title at Google is equivalent to level 59 at Microsoft. We also noticed a ton of questions around leveling on online forums further validating the need for this sort of thing. Have gotten some great feedback so far from job-seekers and hiring-manager's alike who are looking to figure out which level to join / hire candidates at other companies. For a lot of folks, startups are not an option / preference and they simply want to progress in their career at a larger company. Now that we've shown you the levels, we hope to start blogging soon on how to 'level up'! Would love to hear your thoughts! - Zaheer & Zuhayeer
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nour eldienbuilder baker breakfast
Hey guys, this is super cool!! Excited for when you guys roll out all the other professions.
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Great work guys, my friend actually asked me about what the levels between Amazon and Facebook translated to, will send him this!
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