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LeveLisa is a creative puzzle game for kids 8 and below. LeveLisa blend of educational treasures from two worlds - Tangram Puzzles for cognitive development and Magic Tools for unleashing your kids’ creativity!
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Some reviewers say LeveLisa is a mashup of tangram puzzles and art. I made LeveLisa because I want kids to develop two very important life skill: spatial intelligence and creativity through play. Researchers are voicing out how spatial skills strongly predict who will go into STEM fields. With AI coming into every parts of our lives, creativity is our superpower. LeveLisa’s “create Creativity” experience begins with puzzle solving to stimulate kids' spatial thinking, and once their brains are fired up - we give them art tools to harness their creativity.  WHAT’S INSIDE? - 8 Magic Tools for making art - 8 Fun Fair game modes - 500+ puzzles to solve - Safe for kids - Free-play. No time limit - Special game mode for parents too!
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