Level Vinyl

Find and frame your favorite albums

Album covers represent some of the most creative and significant imagery of all time. Level was inspired to honor this art form with a unique way of framing actual vinyl records and their sleeves. Each frame is made by hand using museum-quality components, and shipped to your door within a week. Find you favorite or have Level hunt it down for you.

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Hi Everyone, and thanks Justin! Short story is that we were getting lots of requests to custom frame people's records, and after some experimentation came up with a unique presentation where the actual vinyl is peeking out of the cover. We're huge music fans and got really excited about how these turned out (two are up in the Level Frames office), so we decided to launch Vinyl as a standalone product. No need to own the album first -- we'll source it for you with help from our friends at @merchbar. We built search functionality to help you find a favorite (try searching "Led Zep" or “Blade Runner”), and plan to leverage additional music APIs/databases to match people with the artists and albums they love. What’s everyone favorite album cover? I will post our Top 10 sellers here by end of today. p.s. - special deal for Product Hunters via the link, and these make excellent gifts :o)
@jhubball totally LOVE this! Could almost kill for this one:
@jhubball You definitely found and relieved a customer pain point. I've tried a couple frames for vinyl on Amazon with mostly positive reviews and both of them were disappointing. This looks great.
Wow, so cool. Love this, @jhubball, and I know a few friends that might appreciate this for Christmas/the holidays. How much extra for a gold plated record? 😉
@rrhoover you earn a gold record at 500 upvotes. 1,000 and you are certified platinum, baby!
Requires a UK version. Would have ordered one otherwise. Very good idea and can lead to many other styles.
This alone makes me want to get into vinyl.
Got myself one of these, and the quality and finish is outstanding. Another fantastic move from the team at Level.
@carlmartin thanks, Carl! Sharing a pic of your frame here if you don't mind (Stevie Wonder is in our top 10 right now): https://twitter.com/carlmartin/s...
@carlmartin Thanks Carl! Appreciate the continued support :)