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Sorry, this newsletter is no longer active.

Really insightful newsletter for devs and designers... let's see if @ricardozea will jump in to answer some questions.
I'm right here in case anyone has suggestions, questions or any kind of comments :). I hope people enjoy the Newsletter. I make it by hand, it's just me, it's a lot of work, but I love it. BTW, if you receive the last issue of the Level Up! Newsletter right after signing up, that's not an automated system; it's me refreshing my browser to see new subscribers on my Tinyletter dashboard and clicking the "Send them a copy now." link ;}
I'm liking this strictly for the name ! The content is pretty cool too!
Hey everyone, the Level Up! Newsletter has a new homepage in place, check it out! http://levelupnewsletter.info - What do you think? 😊
The Level Up! Newsletter is no longer active. Thank you everyone for your support.