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#5 Product of the DayJuly 14, 2017

Dot Press is designed to help artists and photographers sell their work framed. But it's built so that anyone can use it to showcase a portfolio or launch a campaign to sell posters and framed prints. You get a beautiful storefront and sales platform, while Level Frames handles all of the framing, fulfillment and reporting.

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Alexis Ohanian
Alexis OhanianHunterPro@alexisohanian · Co-founder, Initialized Capital, Reddit
I love anything that helps creators reach fans and earn money. Level Press is a platform for selling artwork and photos with a custom framing option built right in. Unlike Shopify and other storefronts, these guys handle the printing, framing and actual delivery to customers after each sale. Super easy to set up a portfolio, or launch a poster campaign with a single design. Can’t wait to see what people create for this!
Josh Hubball
Josh HubballMaker@jhubball · Founder @Levelframes
@alexisohanian Thanks, Alexis! Dot Press (formerly Level Press) is designed to help artists and photographers sell their work beautifully framed. But we built it so that anyone can use it to showcase their portfolio or launch a campaign to sell posters and framed prints. Level Frames handles all of the framing and fulfillment, and we send profits back to the creator automatically via Stripe. Lots of really cool examples on the platform already, including Nikon who is selling limited-edition prints in celebration of the company's 100th anniversary: Totally free to set up your own portfolio or launch a campaign. If you are an artist, designer, illustrator, photographer or creative of any type, give it a try!
Nolan McCoy
Nolan McCoy@nolanmccoy · Film Producer, Storyteller, Husband
@alexisohanian Can you tell me what your pay out percentage are to the creators?
Josh Hubball
Josh HubballMaker@jhubball · Founder @Levelframes
@nolanmccoy Hi Nolan, actual percentage may vary based on sizes and prices. We send the artist 90% of the print's retail price but deduct our cost to make the print, and then kick in 5% of the frame price (if customer opts for one) as a commission on top.
Damian Sowers
Damian SowersMaker@3solarmasses · Founder, Level. Founder, Silvrback
Thanks for the support Alexis! For anyone looking for another example of what you can do with Level Press, here is an Ethereum poster campaign I put together. Takes only 5 minutes to transform an image into a beautiful product to sell:
Kirill Zubovsky
Kirill Zubovsky@kirillzubovsky · Troublemaker. Founder. Dad
Love what these guys have done with Level , my go-to place for frames for the last couple of years. This tool is taking it up a notch for the creators who want to sell artwork in a simple way. Just make an account and your pictures are out there for the world - Pretty stoked to see where Level goes next.
EDHiring@aten · CEO & Designer,
Level framed vinyl is one of my go-to gifts - stoked to have a new arrow in my quiver!
Todd Goldberg
Todd Goldberg@toddg777 · 👀 crypto
Level Frames are an incredibly high-quality product. I built an app (Framepop) on top of their API and our customers have nothing but good things to say. The move into a full-stack solution for creatives and creators is a smart move. Nice work, Level team!