Level AI Filters

Use AI to transform any photo into framed art for your walls

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Hey Product Hunters! We recently noticed a ton of customers uploading AI-remixed photos (from Prisma and other apps) for us to print and frame, so we decided to build a set of neural artwork filters right into Levelframes.com. You can now upload a photo directly and transform it in the style of a famous painter or art period, and then we print and frame it for you within a few days. If you’ve played around with any of the apps that use neural networks like this, it's easy to create really interesting images that look great framed on your wall or as a gift. A couple of benefits to providing the AI directly: - You can pull in images from multiple sources (Dropbox, Facebook, camera roll, etc.) - Crop photos before filtering to get a variety of aspect ratios besides square - We can make final resolution of the filtered images quite high, up to 2,750 x 2,750 px which will print nicely - Choose from a wide range of print sizes and then custom frame exactly to your taste For the filters, we're using the Somatic API (made by @jtoy and @nicholascaplan), which we discovered right here on Product Hunt. Give it a spin with your own photos and see if you come up with anything frameworthy -- 20% off today only and exclusive to Product Hunt!
Love the Level frames. Fast, easy, and reliable. I would just go ahead and buy more frames from them, but if you want something new and authentic this gifting season, this seems like a cool way to go about it!
Love Level Frames. Last year I bought a Level Vinyl frame as a gift.
wow love this!
I'd love to see you (or anyone in the space) take it one step further and convert this AI artwork into giclées. That would look awesome
@nickatloot if you mean using high-end inkjet printers and archival pigment inks, that's exactly what we are doing.